October 24, 2005

Frequent bloggers impress me...

Okay, so firing this thing up right before a round of midterms was probably not the swiftest move yours truly ever pulled. But that's beside the point.

I'm still kind of new to this whole blog thing, but I've read a few off and on for a while. The thing about it that impresses me, I guess, is that people manage to get in pretty much daily, and manage to actually have something to say each time. This is pretty cool. Particularly the 'daily' part. But then I pretty much envy anyone with more than one free evening between Monday and Thursday, but that's my own fault: grad school is a bit of a time sponge, it turns out. Especially when said student has three tests in a week, two on the same night. Say it with me now, E.T. style: Ouuuuuuuuuch (light up fingers are optional, so please don't risk a trip to the burn unit to play along; it's really okay). In any case, most of the blogs I've been reading lately (and I'll ge to that next post, either tonight or, well, whenever I next log into this thing) seem to be pretty social and socially-oriented, what with happy hours and dating and all that, and presumably most if not all are somehow gainfully employed, and yet they still manage to treat this virtual microcosm with entertaining nuggets quite frequently. And it is always nice to read people who can, you know, write.

So, to the frequent bloggers, my hat, imaginary as it may be, is off to you. Plus, it seems like most of you have a pretty good handle on this whole making-the-blog-do-what-you-want thing, and I'm waaaaaaaay behind the curve there. I'll figure it out, though, eventually. Sometime by, oh, 2009 this thing should be in pretty good shape. Between now and then, I will respectfully suggest the hardhats, which can be found on the rack just inside the door. For your own safety, you know.


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