June 19, 2007

People get degrees in this stuff, apparently

Ooof. The irony of summer classes in grad school is that, while you'd expect summer activities to be leisurely and slow-paced, summer classes are whole classes squeezed into half a semester (so we can get two out of the way in one summer). So while you're only in class for a short while, it's a fairly intense short while.

All of that to say: I've been a little busy, hence the silence.

But I did want to share something I saw in CVS yesterday, which has had me shaking my head ever since.

I stopped into ye olde CVS to pick up some stuff for the cold I'm fighting (a fight I appear to be winning, at least for the moment), and on my way to the cashier I spied a product that I literally had to stop, go back, and look at again to make sure I had seen correctly. I couldn't believe it, myself.

Waterproof diapers (I guess), for little baby to go to the pool in. To keep little baby from going in the pool. As it were.

Called... I kid you not...

Little Swimmers.

I want to know how this made it past a room full of adults. I mean, really. Maybe there were no men in the room, so there was no one to spit out their coffee when the name was suggested. That's my best guess. I can't for the life of me imagine a man making it through the decision process with a straight face.

Actually my theory (hope?) is that the name was suggested by the one guy in the room as a joke, and everyone thought it was adorable.

There is serious upside for fathers, though. At the public pool, they can be very proud, publicly, of their little swimmers. Actually twice, if you think about it.
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