February 22, 2010

Sign(age) of the times

In a response to a down economy, the definition of a "roadside emergency" has apparently been expanded to include the breakdown of, among other things, your TV remote control.

I like the delivery idea, because there are certainly days when I can't muster up the energy to drive the half-mile to the CVS, but let's be honest: if you are someone who requires help with installation, then I'm not sure AAA can provide you with the help you really need...  

February 14, 2010

Some Valentine's Day advice


This is true on any day, but especially so today: whatever you do, do NOT be this guy:

I can't stress this enough.  Otherwise, this may follow shortly:

No need to thank me.  I'm a helper, it's what I do.

Have a happy Valentine's Day. 

Note: the musical stylings above are from an Australian group called Tripod.  If you like Flight of the Conchords, you should check them out.
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