August 29, 2007

One of life's great equalizers: the burrito

It doesn't matter how successful, powerful, well-educated, or wealthy you are.

It's nearly impossible to carry yourself as a dignified, professional adult while trying to eat an overstuffed and poorly wrapped burrito from Chipotle. You just can't.

And this is the time, of course, when every single person in the office stops by. They have questions, and you're just trying to make sure you eat more of your lunch than you wear, and are barely succeeding. You could be the CEO, or King, and for a few minutes you're just some schmuck working way too hard to keep black beans and salsa off of your shirt.

So the next time one of your friends or co-workers gets a little too high on themselves, offer to take them to lunch. Just make sure to go to Chipotle.

August 21, 2007

Further adventures in declining productivity

By now, pretty much everyone is familiar with these. Chances are that at one point or another you've wanted to make your own. Well, now you can.

It's fun, if a bit challenging (finding the right photo is the trick, I think). Give it a try. Send yours to and I'll put it up here, or post a link in the comments.

The Gallery

August 17, 2007

... Another town, and one more show...

There was surprisingly little shouting, jumping, hooting or hollering, all things considered. I guess you could say it went out more or less like a lamb. It was not nearly so much celebration as relief. But either way, the result is the same.

As the boys of Yes said (in case you're challenged in that area and didn't get the lyrical reference in the title): One down, one to go. I am now officially one semester away from being finished with grad school. Two classes and a little less than four months from now it will all be over. On the one hand it's kind of hard to imagine, since my life has been a certain way for going on three years now. On the other much larger, stronger, and more insistent hand, however, December cannot come fast enough.

Between now and Labor Day weekend, I am a free man (well, except for that whole work thing, which puts a bit of a damper on the freedom, but I'll take what I can get). I don't have travel plans this time, but I do plan to try and set up as many weeknight dinner meetups with friends as possible, since I can't really do that while class is in session.

Oh, and sleep. Sleeping will be good.

And probably some work on ye olde resume, just between you and me. I think it's about time to dust that off and polish it up.

But it is a definite relief, and I have a heavily-inked appointment for the shouting, hooting and hollering, and general carrying-on that will commence on or about December 10, 2007.
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