December 5, 2007

In case you ever wonder...

...why people make fun of

a) blondes
b) southerners
c) the fanatically religious
d) the state of the American educational system

I submit Exhibits A thru D:

A) The Kellie Pickler Experience

That sound you're hearing is your own hand involuntarily smacking into your forehead.

B) Kellie Pickler, even Pickler-er

I mean, she's right, but holy crap. There are people out there who insist that Ms. Pickler's affectations are all an act, and prior to this I might have believed it. But not now. You can't write this stuff; only real people say things this ridiculous.

C) Sherri Shepherd demonstrates the power of faith to overcome fact, logic, and history

Um, what? The best part is Whoopi giving her the out ("on paper"? What does that even mean?), looking for some way to end that conversation without specifically pointing out how hopelessly, foolishly ignorant her co-host is. Because seriously. Jesus came first? Really? The Jews must be awfully confused, then.

But we get this level of uber-intellectualism not just once, but

D) Twice

I've got nothing here. Nothing at all. Because it defies words.

And I feel compelled to point out that both of these women make far, far more money than I do.

But remember kids: work hard and stay in school, because.... um, because that's the only way to.... er, because people who don't.... because, uh....

Turn off the TV. Because I said so.


Jo said...

They're so stupid it makes MY brain hurt. Europe is a country? Really? I didn't expect her to know where Budapest was, but that's too much.

The Ex said...

ssxgSherri Sheppard is willfully ignorant and it makes me angry that they've even let her speak on television. BAH!

At least Kelly Pickler could be an act.

WiB said...

jo - that show is going to give fifth graders a superiority complex. You watch, it's going to happen.

Ex - If KP is an act, then she is an actress rivaling the best of all time. She should immediately be given a lifetime achievement Oscar, for the tireless work she has but in crafting her character. Seriously. Meryl Streep would have a hard time putting together a more authentic performance.

More likely, to quote Bono: she's empty as a vacant lot.

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