October 28, 2009

Pet Peeves: Courtesy Uncommon

Let me just put this out there : if you're walking through a door and you let it swing closed behind you without so much as a glance over your shoulder to see if anyone is there?  You're an asshole (and I don't care if you're a man or a woman, btw). 

It really is that simple.  Unlike so many other areas of our lives that are filled with nuance and shades of gray, this is delightfully, blissfully clear: Asshole, or Not Asshole.  No latitude, no margin for error, no wiggle room.  No extra thought or analysis required.

I was originally going to elaborate on this, maybe even rant a little.  But you know what?  Not necessary; the moral of the story is plain and obvious:

Pay attention.  Don't be an asshole*.

* I recognize that this advice/philosophy is applicable in a wide range of situations and aspects of life, but I prefer to keep my expectations reasonable (i.e. low).  It's all about choosing your battles, people.


imgonnabreakyourheart said...




freckledk said...

I always make sure to call after them with a hearty "THANK YOU!"

Makes me feel better, anyway.

Brian said...

IGBYH - Thanks, although that sort of thing usually inspires a wholly different kind of gesture...

FK - I am sometimes tempted to say something, but I just let it be. But as long as you feel better, that's what really matters. ;)

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