May 26, 2009

It's not ridicule, it's ridicu-lay

Note to the McDonalds people:

Adding a French flair and pronunciation to an otherwise base-level product offering is not going to add class/panache/cachet to your brand. It makes you look like morons who fail to understand your place in the market.

Nobody who works over there has ever shopped at Target, apparently.

Oh, right, sorry: Tar-jay.


carrie m said...

IT'S JUST RIDICULOUS! I was just thinking about this today. I had the TV on and I was doing something, and I heard some ridiculous word-ay and then I thought that I would like to beat up the ad/marketing people who came up with this ad.

That is all.

Kristafied said...

And apparently, they don't have meat in their burgers, but "meat-ay..."

Brian said...

Carrie- the good news is, I'm fairly sure the word 'assault' is derived from French, so they can't complain if you do.

Kristafied- I've long suspected that there wasn't meat in the burgers, but that's a whole different discussion.

Jo said...

I feel the same way about the effing commercials.

I thought Mickey D's was all about bringing it down to the people, but now they're trying to class it up and compete with the bunch of asshats over at Starbucks who didn't have enough foresight to realize that expanding their brand faster than a colony of rabbits may not be so wise.

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