March 1, 2009

All I'm saying is...

I swung by the grocery store this afternoon, just to pick up some milk.

And the parking lot looked like Tysons Corner on December 23rd. Needless to say, I didn't stick around.

Seriously, people? I know there's snow in the forecast, and it may even be a lot of snow. But let's be real, here: it's Northern Virginia. We're in the South, and it's effing March. Do you really think you're going to get snowed in? In March? In Virginia?

At some point, you figure people would learn. But no, there they were, no doubt loading up on bread and water, getting ready for the long haul.

Both days of it, before it goes up over 40 and melts everything by the weekend.

But hey, at least you'll have plenty of bread.


KassyK said...

Insane. Meanwhile here in NJ they think its like Vermont. Oh, a snowstorm--whateves.


Brian said...

kk - I'm glad people are concerned when there's major snow in the forecast (and judging by the conditions today, concern was justified), but the panic attack is a bit much.

Forecast highs for Wed thru Sat: 39, 44, 54, 62. Not exactly the kind of conditions that will have people socked in. That's my point. No need for a beeline to Harris Teeter; you'll have no trouble getting there on Thursday if you're out of something.

KassyK said...

I know its insane. And here seriously its like nothing and we had almost 10 inches. People still went to work--almost unaffected.

More like cool-snow.

When I moved down to DC, I was shocked at the complete panic people have during rain/sleet/snow.


Charlene said...

oohhh that Harris Teeter parking lot was kind of annoying. I was thinking you went to the Giant, which is even WORSE!!!

Brian said...

Char - Actually, it was the Giant. And it was bad.

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