April 17, 2008

I have my handbasket all picked out and everything

The founder of chaos theory has died at age 90.

Reports differ, but it is widely believed that his death was caused by beating, specifically the beating of the wings of a butterfly, somewhere over central Mongolia. Mathematicians continue to investigate. A statement from Jeff Goldblum is expected sometime this afternoon.

What does it say about me that, at 8:00 this morning, this is what first occurred to me upon reading the headline of the story? It's good that the Pope is here this week. He can just give me my Downstairs Pass today and save all the waiting.


lemmonex said...

Jeff Goldblum! Wow. So eerily hot. Does anyone else think this? Come on WiB...you can admit it.

WiB said...

All I can say about Jeff Goldblum is that in Independence Day, he has a dialog with Will Smith that exactly bites an old Bill Cosby routine (the "Oops" bit when they're in the alien ship).

I have no position on his attractiveness, either pro or con.

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