April 3, 2007

Don't You Think?

If you remember Alanis Morrissette from her Jagged Little Pill days, you probably had the impression that she took herself very seriously, was very earnest about her music and her message, and you were, if you're being totally honest, just a tiny little bit afraid of her.

Then she goes and does something like this, and..... totally redeems herself*. No kidding, this is brilliant. I might like this even more than the bluegrass rendition of Gin & Juice. Okay, maybe not, but it's damn funny.

* points if you can tell me where this came from; it's either movie or tv, but I can't quite place it.


Talley's Training Diary said...

Um...it's a really ssssssssssssslllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww version of "My Humps" by Fergie/The Black Eyed Peas. They played about a bazillion times on the radio last year. It's also featured in the new Will Farrell movie, "Blades of Glory."

WiB said...

Right. I know what the song is a parody of; what I was looking for was where the line, "And you go and... totally redeem yourself!" comes from.

What's truly bizarre, considering the bazillion thing, is that when I sent the vid to some people around the office, I then had to forward the original so they had a point of reference. I couldn't believe it.

Lisa said...

It's quite hilarious. But I have to say, I've liked Alanis for her angry girl music for a while. Even when her voice started to grate on me, her songs were just perfect sometimes.

Anonymous said...

the line is from dumb and dumber. harry says to lloyd "just when i thought you couldn't get any dumber you go and do something like this...and totally redeem yourself".

this video is effin' hilarious. i have a new found respect for ms. morrisette. now i have a clue as to why ryan reynolds digs her so much.


WiB said...

Lisa - that's what I like best about the parody. She made it a quintessential Alanis song. More "Uninvited" than "You Oughta Know," but you can practically see her at the piano, lamenting through the whole thing.

Which, really, just makes the video funnier.

Yaz - Thanks; I actually remembered it over the weekend. Glad you're on top of thing, though. :)

Mr. Reynolds apparently doesn't dig her as much as he used to, since he broke up with her. He was no longer love-drunk off her humps, it seems.

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