November 7, 2006

Two 'Tube for Tuesday: Thanks KassyK

I almost skipped this week, because of a pileup of work and grad school, but then I saw the title of Kassy's post today, and I just couldn't.

The "Choppin' Broccoli" song is quite possibly the funniest thing Dana Carvey has ever done (that didn't involve a funny wig and nerd glasses). It was made into an SNL skit, but my memory of it has always been from his stand-up. Here is the stand-up version, which gets a little more of an intro to the idea.

And if we're talking about Dana Carvey, then of course we have to have a moment with the funny wig and nerd glasses.

Party on.


honeykbee said...

Too bad churchlady never did Choppin Brocolli. That would have been double classic.

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