September 18, 2006

That cruel, cruel mistress

Another semester of grad school has started, which means you can look forward to quite a bit of post-slacking from yours truly over the next couple of months (I know, because I've been so obscenely regular about it to this point, but still). I'll try to do a little something from time to time, but either or both of these classes could turn into the kind of nightmare that last spring was, so we'll have to see.

Case in point: I was up earlier on Saturday morning than I typically get up for work during the week, just to go to campus for a half-day class session. That offends my sense of universal justice on many levels, as I'm sure you can imagine. School on a Saturday, and you have to get up extra-early to do it (okay, so only by half an hour, but it's a matter of principle). It turned out to be enjoyable enough, but who would it have killed to start the effing thing at, like, 10? Of course, I say the same thing about my workday, but that is neither here nor there. Suffice it to say I'm not exactly a morning person.

Oh, and a total aside: if you're inclined to buy your textbooks on, just be careful about who you buy from (I have no idea how one would go about this, really, but I felt I should say it). I ordered one of my books a week before the semester started, and it still hasn't shown up. That's close to four weeks and counting, and my confidence is not terribly high at the moment. And naturally, the price (and haven't received yet) has gone from $50 to $85 in the meantime. Still better than the bookstore, but dammit. I've got one more day on my delivery window, so the fingers will remain crossed for just a little longer. It's not a good sign, however, that when I go check out the seller, they're listed as "no longer a registered user." I have a feeling more than the book might turn out to be used...


Brunch Bird said...

You actually buy the textbooks for your classes? Nerdlinger.
Hah, I kid, I kid. Good for you for pursuing all that fancy book learnin'!

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